Happy Saturday!! Today I went and got my hair done it's slightly darker(these pictures don't give it justice, plus I got photo shop happy today!) I'll post better pictures of it later on this week. But it's such a pretty day here today that I'm going to take Boomer out for a walk and take some pictures. Hope you guys are having a great day!

PS I made these pants into skinny pants this morning, yep just sewed them right up! I'm so domestic(said sarcastically)
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One of the reasons I started this blog was to meet more people who enjoy the same things as me. Well I've meet a few of you, but not many local  bloggers. So lets get together @ Gourmandise which is downtown SLC and have some lunch! 

There is no date set in stone but I was thinking Saturday May 12th.
(Time & date will be decided shortly)

If you are interested email me or leave a comment, I really would like to bring the blogging world together and meet some of the amazing talented ladies(or men) who join me in the Utah blogging community!

Today I'm joining Sydney at The Daybook on her Awkward and Awesome series. It's my first time, so here goes.

*When you park at a metered spot on the road and don't pay only because you know you'll only be about 10 minutes in the store. Then you rush in the store, hurry out the store, and swiftly walk to your car. Then notice there is a guy dressed in all black standing next to you car with some small handheld device that just might give you a ticket, so you start running. You get closer and start to yell 'Please don't give me a ticket, I'm right her.' You get the guys attention then he gives you an odd look and says 'I'm not giving tickets out' and you notice the small handheld is a cell phone. You walk past him get in your car and say 'Oh good.' he replys 'Guess it's your lucky day' and laughs. You drive away and notice the person parked one spot ahead of you is laughing and pointing at you.

*That store you run into doesn't give refund(who would have known F21), so you tell the guy you will only be like 10 sec and ask him to keep your return at the desk. He looks at you kinda irritated, but you leave anyways. You come back literally 10 sec later with a button down, put it down on the counter then decide you don't like the color, so you grab it out of his hands and run back to the rack. Come back and now the guys really irritated at you, you apologize and he gives you the stink eye.

*You decide to go for a bike ride and you see someone you've had quite the history with running towards you with her kids, she waves at you, you wave at her but then you almost completely fall off your bike because the dip you went over is a little bit difficult with the old style bike you ride. Not to mention you just rolled out of bed and look like crap not expecting to see anyone.

*Notice the shirt your wearing has those dang hanger marks on the shoulder, not really an awkward situation just a bummed one because you just bought the shirt and this is the 2nd time you've worn it, and you've been trying so hard to avoid that :(

*You couldn't sleep a dang hour because you were stressing about being called into work last night, so you woke up and feel like crap

*You go to the store looking for a certain item/style in a certain color and holy moly you look up and it exists right there on the wall hanging on the hanger!

 *You get called off from work all night last night!

*You woke up early to put your work schedule requests in and you get everything you ask for!

*You don't get a parking ticket, when you didn't pay at the meter ;)

 *And you also didn't get pulled over on your way home, but the guy behind you did(not awesome for him/her but for me that makes 2 tickets I got out of)

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I know you can't see them very well but I call these yellow heels my Yellow Brick Road shoes. Silly huh? Just thought I'd drop off a few photos of what I wore today. Didn't do much on my day off, I did alot of laundry lol! Got to go The Hubs is playing with my motorcycle so that means it's time to ditch the heels and put some riding shoes on!

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Hey guys! Just got done with a couple of night shifts and man I have felt so sick from sleeping in the day and staying up all night. This hasn't happened to me before and it was very annoying!! Anyways no outfit post today but a small little look at my new ride! It's not quite complete but it's more than 90% done and ridable! I freakin love it and can't wait for summer to cruise around!

Weekly schedule
Tuesday-day off
Wednesday-sleep then work
Thursday-sleep then work
Friday sleep then possibly work(I'm on call)
Saturday- not sure yet, but day off

Yes that's right, I got called off tonight. Not only called off but I'm 2nd on call!! Woot Woot! Anyways instead of taking a nap today I did my homework(good Nikki), and instead of going to work I went and picked out my bike parts with The Hubs! Here are my picture from today. Not sure if I love my outfit but it worked!

The Hubs on his bike...his face says it all 'Are you done yet??' Boys...

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Today is the grand opening of the new City Creek shopping center in downtown SLC! It's the first shopping center to hold designer brands example Michael Kors, Tiffany & co., and a new Nordstrom! I'm super excited about the last one, now I don't have to travel 30 minutes! I'm going to try and make it down there with my family after our dinner tonight but if we don't make it I'll probably go next week.

Here is my outfit today, it's a super warm day for a little bright colors and pattern mixing. PS got this shirt from Old Navy for $5 yesterday!!

Ok folks I'm off to go get my motorcycle seat made and then dinner. I can't wait until my seat is done, then I can actually ride it!! Woot Woot! PS don't tell anyone I work with that I ride a motorcycle, ICU staff and motorcycles don't really go together. Thanks :)
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Love it when you pull something from the back of your closet and you forget how much you enjoy that piece, i'm talking about these pants! I haven't worn them in awhile and totally forgot about them. Here is my outfit today, I wouldn't usually wear white pants with a white/cream shirt but I tried it on and ended up liking it a lot. It's kinda like how I shop, I pick out things that look horrible on the hangers then try them on. Most of the time I fall in love with those pieces.

Hope you guys are having a great day, my family is coming up for dinner to my house so it's time to clean.

After getting ready this afternoon the Hubs said I had a nerdy chic look going, that makes you feel better about your not so confident self in oversized glasses. But that all changed when I pulled out a book, now I'm a book nerd. Books too good to put down though, thanks Holly for getting me hooked and thanks IHC(company I work for) for paying me to read last night while I literally babysat my patient. Im reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, amazingly good! I'm ok with the book nerd name! Hope your having a great Monday. Schedule this week...dont work until Friday night and not much planned until then! Woot woot!!

Man they are prettier in person. We havent bought the pedestals yet but they will come soon. I started my first load so we will see how they work shortly! Ya I know there is a dent on the bottom of the dryer, the company knows and they are going to bring me a new one. But I can use this one until they bring the other.

I also found this pretty sweet pendant on Fab.com I have always loved things like this. To me it's like fancy with a twist. It will be a great conversation starter! if any of you want an invite to Fab.com let me know and I'll send you one!

I also included a picture of Jeff doing his pompadour, I love that he loves the 50s style hair!!

Do you guys read Lillys blog Lillys Style at all?? Well if not you should. The other day she blogged that it was spring like weather out where she lives and I was so jealous! But today I can blog about the same thing! Im wearing a t-shirt here and sitting on the grass at a park in Utah in MARCH!!! AMAZING!! For Utah that is seriously a problem. The list of problems are 1. we had a horrible winter which is bad for Utahs economy 2. Which also means we will be in a drought this summer and 3. There will be 10x the amount of road construction because we didn't use all the budget for snow removal :( but other than the problem list it feels amazing to be outside in the sun!

Here is my outfit today, it's simple which is the way I like most of my outfits! Pair of Levi skinnys and a t-shirt by Rock & Republic from KOHLS!! Yes I said Kohls!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

Sorry no outfit post today, I've been cleaning in my pjs and then buying this beautiful set! I'd like you guys to meet our new washer and dryer by Maytag! They come tomorrow morning and man I can't wait!! Ive been deep cleaning our house room by room, spring cleaning i guess you can call it. Windows, blinds, moving furniture and vacuuming behind it, then dusting. Its been quite the task but man i feel better about the place lol. I'll have an outfit for you guys tomorrow though, have a great night guys!!


Saturday night I worked a grave, got home Sunday morning then after showering finally got to bed around 0830. I was woken up about 1:30pm to get ready for church. Can I just say I was stinkin tired. 5 hours of sleep is just not enough for me, or maybe it's not the actual amount of sleep but the lounging around I missed out on after I woke up. That's my favorite part about working graves, you have a GREAT excuse of why your in your pjs all day long and people totally agree with you! 

Anyways here is my Sunday attire. Love the new colorful pieces I added to my collections the other day, sure I overspent by way too much but oh well I've really enjoyed them. This skirt is from Target also(as were my yellow mellow pants I wore the other day). Its a great skirt because 1. The color 2. The length and 3. The fabric-it's slightly stretchy! I love stretchy clothes! 

What are your new colorful trends this spring??

Well hope everyone has a great Monday. Here is my weekly schedule.
Monday-sleep then work meeting(lame totally ruins my pj house cleaning day)
Tuesday- I'm on-call but the units been so busy lately I'm planning on working at 0700
Wednesday- DAY OFF!!
Thursday- DAY OFF #2!!
Friday-sleep then work
Saturday sleep then work
Sunday-sleep then work
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Spring is coming so I pulled out the new yellow pants. Best deal ever on these mello yello joys, $20 @ target!

Today the Hub and I are washer and dryer searching...not fun! So far we are trying to decide between the Whirlpool or the LG frontloaders...any opinions out there?

I'm also working tonight but I really don't want to take a nap...maybe I'll try staying up, makes me nervous though that I'll be a zombie all night long. Guess I'll decide later.

Have a great weekend everyone! Ps anniversary was awesome went to dinner and then hung out the rest of he night. It was perfect.

Love you babe! Look at all the amazing memories we've had! Thanks for the last 6 years!!
Wedding Day
Motorbike rides all summer long
1st Cruise
Motorbike ride to AZ
Portland bike rides
Many Moab trips
Day you became a boating fan because you could drive
Train ride to San Fran
Graduation and all your support
All the many baseball games
Most recent cruise

Welcome new FotF visitors I'm so glad you stopped by. I just wanted to thank Denise and Lilly for helping me out this past week, aren't they amazing and stylish!

The Hubs and I had a lovely time on the cruise, it was a well deserved and needed break. I would have to say that this cruise was the best one out of all 4 I have been on. The things that made the Eastern Caribbean better than the 2 western and the mexican cruises were the islands and their beaches. St Thomas and Grand Turk beach were simply breath taking. I'll go into more detail in the future but we truly enjoyed ourselves and the time we spent with our family.

Yesterday I spent the day just chillin in my house. You would think that I'd be doing laundry but oh no my washer decided to die. So looks like we will be buying a new one. Other than searching for a new washer I've also been searching for  new luggage since mine is going to fall apart and we have to travel back to FL in a month and an iPad case for the new iPad that the Hubs won on the cruise(that's a whole other story.) Here is my outfit today. I work a grave tonight so there wasn't much motivation to get ready and in fact I didn't even do my hair today lol. I'll talk to you guys later. Here is the weekly schedule...

Tuesday-work a grave
Wednesday-sleep then work a grave
Thursday-go to the dentist after work :( then sleep then hwk
Friday- is our 6th Anniverary not sure we have any plans
Saturday- nothing really then work a grave

Well that's about it. 

Can you guys please give me your opinions on the best luggage and iPad 2 cases to buy, I feel like it's a huge commitment with the luggage. Thanks!
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