Today is the grand opening of the new City Creek shopping center in downtown SLC! It's the first shopping center to hold designer brands example Michael Kors, Tiffany & co., and a new Nordstrom! I'm super excited about the last one, now I don't have to travel 30 minutes! I'm going to try and make it down there with my family after our dinner tonight but if we don't make it I'll probably go next week.

Here is my outfit today, it's a super warm day for a little bright colors and pattern mixing. PS got this shirt from Old Navy for $5 yesterday!!

Ok folks I'm off to go get my motorcycle seat made and then dinner. I can't wait until my seat is done, then I can actually ride it!! Woot Woot! PS don't tell anyone I work with that I ride a motorcycle, ICU staff and motorcycles don't really go together. Thanks :)
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Laura Kirk said...

That's the old ZCMI shopping center isn't it? Aww man I miss home...

Doranda said...

I like how the sweater looks with the blue pants!  I would love it if you linked this to my fashion link party called Watch What Im Wearing

Have a great Sunday!