Man they are prettier in person. We havent bought the pedestals yet but they will come soon. I started my first load so we will see how they work shortly! Ya I know there is a dent on the bottom of the dryer, the company knows and they are going to bring me a new one. But I can use this one until they bring the other.

I also found this pretty sweet pendant on I have always loved things like this. To me it's like fancy with a twist. It will be a great conversation starter! if any of you want an invite to let me know and I'll send you one!

I also included a picture of Jeff doing his pompadour, I love that he loves the 50s style hair!!


Simply Sarah said...

beauties!! that is a sweet necklace too, I love it!

wily darling said...

im pretty sure i have seen lots of those skeleton cameos on etsy. maybe you can get a matching ring or something! and way to go jeff! looking good :)

Nikki1156 said...

Jess!! We need to hangout soon! PS love your blog and your new job looks awesome! Do you love it??