Do you guys read Lillys blog Lillys Style at all?? Well if not you should. The other day she blogged that it was spring like weather out where she lives and I was so jealous! But today I can blog about the same thing! Im wearing a t-shirt here and sitting on the grass at a park in Utah in MARCH!!! AMAZING!! For Utah that is seriously a problem. The list of problems are 1. we had a horrible winter which is bad for Utahs economy 2. Which also means we will be in a drought this summer and 3. There will be 10x the amount of road construction because we didn't use all the budget for snow removal :( but other than the problem list it feels amazing to be outside in the sun!

Here is my outfit today, it's simple which is the way I like most of my outfits! Pair of Levi skinnys and a t-shirt by Rock & Republic from KOHLS!! Yes I said Kohls!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!


Simply Sarah said...

my fave kind of outfits - I love Kohls Rock & Republic Line!

Nikki1156 said...

Me too! I was very surprised by it actually, just gives me another reason to go to Kohls, for that line and Lauren Conrad's line.

Lilly said...

Yesterday it was 79 here...insane! And today we turned on the A/C...hard to believe.  
Kohl's has some great stuff. And your puppy is so cute.