Today I'm joining Sydney at The Daybook on her Awkward and Awesome series. It's my first time, so here goes.

*When you park at a metered spot on the road and don't pay only because you know you'll only be about 10 minutes in the store. Then you rush in the store, hurry out the store, and swiftly walk to your car. Then notice there is a guy dressed in all black standing next to you car with some small handheld device that just might give you a ticket, so you start running. You get closer and start to yell 'Please don't give me a ticket, I'm right her.' You get the guys attention then he gives you an odd look and says 'I'm not giving tickets out' and you notice the small handheld is a cell phone. You walk past him get in your car and say 'Oh good.' he replys 'Guess it's your lucky day' and laughs. You drive away and notice the person parked one spot ahead of you is laughing and pointing at you.

*That store you run into doesn't give refund(who would have known F21), so you tell the guy you will only be like 10 sec and ask him to keep your return at the desk. He looks at you kinda irritated, but you leave anyways. You come back literally 10 sec later with a button down, put it down on the counter then decide you don't like the color, so you grab it out of his hands and run back to the rack. Come back and now the guys really irritated at you, you apologize and he gives you the stink eye.

*You decide to go for a bike ride and you see someone you've had quite the history with running towards you with her kids, she waves at you, you wave at her but then you almost completely fall off your bike because the dip you went over is a little bit difficult with the old style bike you ride. Not to mention you just rolled out of bed and look like crap not expecting to see anyone.

*Notice the shirt your wearing has those dang hanger marks on the shoulder, not really an awkward situation just a bummed one because you just bought the shirt and this is the 2nd time you've worn it, and you've been trying so hard to avoid that :(

*You couldn't sleep a dang hour because you were stressing about being called into work last night, so you woke up and feel like crap

*You go to the store looking for a certain item/style in a certain color and holy moly you look up and it exists right there on the wall hanging on the hanger!

 *You get called off from work all night last night!

*You woke up early to put your work schedule requests in and you get everything you ask for!

*You don't get a parking ticket, when you didn't pay at the meter ;)

 *And you also didn't get pulled over on your way home, but the guy behind you did(not awesome for him/her but for me that makes 2 tickets I got out of)

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