Saturday night I worked a grave, got home Sunday morning then after showering finally got to bed around 0830. I was woken up about 1:30pm to get ready for church. Can I just say I was stinkin tired. 5 hours of sleep is just not enough for me, or maybe it's not the actual amount of sleep but the lounging around I missed out on after I woke up. That's my favorite part about working graves, you have a GREAT excuse of why your in your pjs all day long and people totally agree with you! 

Anyways here is my Sunday attire. Love the new colorful pieces I added to my collections the other day, sure I overspent by way too much but oh well I've really enjoyed them. This skirt is from Target also(as were my yellow mellow pants I wore the other day). Its a great skirt because 1. The color 2. The length and 3. The fabric-it's slightly stretchy! I love stretchy clothes! 

What are your new colorful trends this spring??

Well hope everyone has a great Monday. Here is my weekly schedule.
Monday-sleep then work meeting(lame totally ruins my pj house cleaning day)
Tuesday- I'm on-call but the units been so busy lately I'm planning on working at 0700
Wednesday- DAY OFF!!
Thursday- DAY OFF #2!!
Friday-sleep then work
Saturday sleep then work
Sunday-sleep then work
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Lilly said...

Such a pretty look! Simple yet put together and chic!

Elvi said...

I have the same lace top and have only worn it once...I can't seem to find what to wear what it...but you just inspired me!

Nikki1156 said...

Thanks Lilly! 


Nikki1156 said...

This was actually the first time I wore this lace top. I too found it kind of difficult to wear only because the waist line I feel is in an awkward place. If you have any other ideas with it, let me know!! :)


Sisters4saymoreismore said...

Totally adorable. WANT IT!