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Today I went to an 8 hour training to learn how to use a new simulation doll my hospital bought, since I'm on the code blue team I was kind of interested on what this simulation doll could do. WHOA, this doll can do everything! It can speak, cry, you can change breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds, place a chest tube, IO, IV, intubate and actually shock the doll. It was impressive! 

After the training I am on call from 7pm-7am tomorrow, I'm soooo happy that the unit is down on the census and that I haven't been called in yet! It would make for a long day, especially since I have to be to work tomorrow at 6am anyways to train the charge nurses on being a first responder...man it's a busy couple of day!
Other than work, I thought I'd like my outfit... but umm its alright. I didn't want to wear stilettos since I might be doing chest compressions in a scenario and so I wore these wedges...well wedges and straight legged jeans don't go together. The rest of the outfit is good, just wish I would have picked some different jeans. Oh well we live and learn! 

I can't believe I'm almost to 100 followers...amazing! Thank you all for reading, it really means a lot! 
Well I'm going to watch the debate now, then make it to the gym...hopefully!


Emily said...

I am totally wanting a blouse like that! Love it!


Nikki said...

Thanks Emily!