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what am I talking about...well after learning the rest about this new sim doll yesterday for 8 hours I found out I am the one who gets the privilege of writing the scenarios for people to go through. Can I just say each scenario takes A LOT of time to write and I am not able to take the laptop home to write them. BORING! I'd much rather hangout at home on my couch writing scenarios then hangout at the hospital. Oh well, maybe I'll get super fast and it will fly by.

One thing that totally rocked about yesterday was the fact I got to hangout with 2 of the coolest docs out there. After we learned how to create the scenarios and ran through a few of them the docs taught me and a coworker how to use the bronchoscope and how to intubate. I thought it was completely awesome being able to spend the time with these 2 guys and learn from them. 

Overall pretty good day!