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Can I please tell you the history of this skirt?
Okay thanks!
I've had this skirt since high school, so over 10 years.
Yes, I just had my ten year reunion this year.
Anyway, this skirt has been through the ringer or two.
I've chopped the top off, chopped the bottom off and brought it in on the sides to actually fit me.
Many of you probably will call the WT, but these Dickie skirts are the bomb.com 
(back to hs days on that one too)
So even though it may look slightly mangled it's one of my fave skirts ever 
and I will continue wearing it until it decides to 
a) get a hole in it
b) rip up the sides/middle
c)zipper breaks
Long live the Dickie's skirt!
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One Comment

P. said...

I had a a pair of classic dark jeans (a bit stretchy, too) which I never wore. Last year I turned them into a pencil skirt. It was A LIFE SAVER! I have worn that skirt so many times, and it goes so well with everything to dress it up, dress it down, or whatever. I just love it, like you and your skirt here.

Isn't it funny how we become attached to certain clothing items?


Ana Paula