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This isn't my high school but one close by my casa.
Every time I drive past this high school I always think it would be cool to sit and hangout with friends on these stairs
My high school was made so architecturally stupid. 
It was a large circle with a smaller circle inside of it.
Then the class numbers weren't one after another like they are supposed to be,
 half the circle was odd classes and other half was even classes.
Completely retarded really. 
Tonight I spent at my in laws house having handstand contest and doing cartwheels in the grass
It was sweet, my little niece explained the game Hands Up, Stands Up to me 
then after she explained it to me asked 'Do you get it?'
If only she knew children have been playing that game for years and years.
It was a good day!

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Kim Bird said...

I miss those BHS steps! Cute outfit!

Lilly said...

Such a cute outfit Nikki!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a little while now, and what I've gotten based on the things you've written is that you seem like a pretty nice person. You're a nurse, obviously you care about other people. It comes out in your attitude and posts that you're a caring loving person. It's awesome, and I genuinely like your blog & your style!
However, when you use hateful words (like the r-word in this post), it makes people forget all the nice, caring, loving parts of you. It makes you seem hateful, too. And I feel like that's not something you want to happen.