Today I'm collaborating with a new small little company that is launching this week!
The company is called GMDCAT.
What GMDCAT stands for, I have no idea
But we want to hear your creative answers for what it means!
This contest is the easiest contest to enter
All you have to do is:
| 1 | Comment below of what you think GMDCAT means/stands for
| 2 | Follow Fashions on the Fly on Facebook 
On the 23rd we will randomly pick a winner.
That winner will receive $30 to spend at their new website. 
Plus if you sign up for their mailing list you automatically receive a 5% discount.
Pretty easy and awesome right! 
This company is brand spanking new so as of right now their inventory is limited but the stuff they do have is super dang cute!
Now go get to thinking and commenting about what GMDCAT means/stands for!
Thanks for reading!

The winner is...
Congrats girl!
Email me and we will get you hooked up!

Thanks to everyone who participated, I really really appreciate it

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JRH said...

Not really in this to win considering I am your husband. But It should stand for (G)ood (M)ormon (D)ogs (C)are (A)bout (T)-shirts

Alysalovely said...

I think that GMDCAT stands for:
Good Mood Detailed Clothes And Tales
I am following you on fb :)

Moira Wolf said...

Girls Make Darling Clothes And Things.... :)

Colleen Boudreau said...

Girls Make Darling Clothing And T-shirts.

Facebook: Colleen Boudreau

Jessica Anderson said...

good morning darling, clothes and tales.

hahahaha wow that was hard.