Hey everyone, welcome to this new series that will last for the next 2 weeks. Each week day you will hear from a different Utah Blogger and get to know them a little more. I'm pretty excited about this little series. You are probably asking where I'm going for the next 2 weeks, I will be jumping the pond for a little European adventure. I want to thank all the participants now and remember after you read their interview to go visit and follow their blogs. 
On to our first blogger! Elise of A Lifetime of Rain is so adorable! I just love reading her blog and seeing all the newest hair trends. She's simply gorgeous. Okay on to her interview, I just loved her answers!

My blog was started about 2 years ago when I first got married but this last summer is when I started blogging more consistent!

A Lifetime of Rain comes from my husband's name Rainey. I call him Rain for short and I'm lucky enough to spend the rest of my lifetime with him:)

Nope..I'm a California girl! I was born in AZ but raised in Modesto, Ca. I'm just living in Utah while my husband is a student at BYU.

Ive been married to my dream boy for 2 years now....not thinking  of kids anytime soon! We want a dog as soon as we move out of our tiny apt!

I'm a hairstylist at Suggestions Salon in Orem, Ut. Love every minute of it!

No idea, changes every day! If I had to chose right now I would probably pick my blazers!!

Going to our family's cabins in Park City! We also love to hike around provo canyon and our favorite spot is bridal veil falls!

Bringing sweets to bed with me! My husband always makes fun of me for it!! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and it needs to be controlled!!

A  2002 red Honda Accord..saving up for a black jeep:)

Getting old..I want to be in my 20s forever!! 

Stripes all the way! Its a classy pattern that never gets old to me.

Instagram FOR SURE!!! @mrsrogers

 I dont watch a ton of tv, but when I have time Im usually watching E! I love catching up on celeb gossip and fashion police episodes! I will also watch The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad episodes with Rain to make him happy:)
Kona Hawaii for our Honeymoon!!! We stayed at the Hilton Wikaloa Village for 8 days and it was heaven on earth!! 

I'm saving for a new Purse!!! My eye has been on a mint green coach bag! Also saving for some new cheetah print steve madden heels!!!

I just love her answer for her biggest fear, I too have fears of getting old, too bad there isn't anything to do about that. Make sure and visit Elise blog here