Ready for the next one? Candace of My Own Sweet Scoops is here to share her fun answers to these questions. Have you seen how cute this girl is, I personally love her hair and always wish I was strong enough to cut it short again. Her style is pretty cute too, I'm always getting inspiration from her. Make sure and go check her blog out here after you enjoy her interview. 

 I have been blogging since Sept. 2012 :)

My blog name came from my email which is candy scoops.

I was born and raised here in Utah, and I love it!

 I am married to the hottest entrepreneur around ;) and we have to sweet little girls, Lily and Chloe.

    I am a professional hair stylist and work 2-3 days a week. I love my job. It lets me have girl time to talk to my wonderful clients!!

My favorite thing in my closet... hmmm, this is hard I love it ALL! But I think I would have to say my cardigans. You can dress them up or down and they go with everything!!

    I have a few favorite things I like to do in Utah. 1. Watch the leaves change colors! 2. Go snowmobiling!!! 3. Shopping of course 4. Eat cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy, just to name a few!

  One of my worst habits is that I LOVE to go shopping. It is more like an addiction!

I drive a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. I just got this car and I love it! I use to have a SUV and I don’t ever want to go least for now.

 This might be a little deep, but my worst fear is losing a child. My kids are my life and I would be a mess without them.

  I think I would have to go with Polka Dots!

I am more of an Instagram addict for sure! I check it every time I pick up my phone haha

 I have a few favorite T.V. shows right now 1. The Bachelor (of course) 2. Arrow 3. Modern Family 4. Biggest Loser.

I have two favorite vacation places. First would be the Mexican Riviera cruise because that is where I meant my husband!! And second would be Hawaii. I have been there several times, it is so pretty and the best spot to relax and enjoy life!

The statement piece I am saving up for....not really sure, there are too many, but when I come upon it I will blog about it for sure! I just like to shop and find great deals, I am sure I will find many wonderful statement pieces to blog about! So follow along at Thanks!

Oooo the Mexican Riviera Cruise is so pretty, I loved that one too! Thank you so much Candace! Make sure you guys go check out her blog, you'll love it!

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Sasha said...

i'm loving the series so far! keep em comin'! ;)

and have a grand 'ol time in Europe!