I wasn't going to do an outfit posts with everything that's been on my mind lately. But just sitting here thinking about how I'm not doing anything productive I decided to do a short simple outfit post, and my outfit is just that...simple.

 Pants- UO, Shirt-Target, Shoes-some store in Canada I've never seen before...but they were a great price!

Other than watching Olympics today (like 4 hours of it), I've gone for 2 bike rides, bought new pillows for my living room, and finally uploaded my pictures from my trip to the computer. Doesn't sound like much be you have to remember the Olympics took up a lot of time...haha 

 I also tried to take more pictures as requested but this outfit is just so simple that there isn't more to take pictures of...sorry I'll try harder next time.

Ok well guess that's all. You guys are in a for a real picture treat tomorrow...part 1 of my trip! I'm excited to share!

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kate said...

I love your shoes! those look way comfy!  Sometimes simple outfits are the best

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Nikki1156 said...

Kate- the shoes are soo comfy! I also got another one that is white with pink trim, LOVE them! 
Thanks for the comment!