Wow are you surprised that I have pictures and stories from my long road trip already? I am considering what's been going on since I got home! Here's a little run down of the vacation and why we went on it.

(yes that is me in my over-size sweatshirt, black high-tops, travel souvenir hat, and awesome backpack!)

When I was a kid my parents took my brother and I in our camper up to Glacier National Park, Calgary, and Banff. Mind you I was about 10 years old and remember most of it, and remember how amazingly beautiful it was. So now that I'm married I wanted to share those places with the Hubs. My parents love Montana and both of them could live there, so asking them if they wanted to come along was a no-brainer.

We left on Friday and drove 9 hours to Missoula, Montana from Salt Lake City, Utah. You would think we would have left early in the morning, ha nope that's not how this posse rolls, we left at 3 pm. Here are some pictures from that portion of the drive.  

Of coarse boys being boys HAD to pull over to go into the Army Surplus Warehouse. Notice how Hubs has a bag full of goodies...yes he bought stuff. They were both in heaven!

Lots of hay growing in Idaho. Who would have thought Idaho was so flat.

Look how happy my dad is, he's so excited to be driving to his favorite place every, Montana!!

Largest coke products ever! My whole family could drink this thing in probably one month, we keep coke in business haha

Once we got to Missoula we stayed in a hotel and slept. The next day we headed off to Glacier National Park. We found a camp spot (which was super lucky), last one in the campground we wanted to stay in! We then unloaded and set up where we would be staying for 2 nights. What do you think of our camp?

So why did we pick this campground out of all the campgrounds in GNP?
 This is why!

Until part 2...peace out!

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JRH said...

That was such a fun road trip.  Great blog post too

Eliz said...

I love road trips!! :-) The lake is absolutely beautiful!

Nikki1156 said...

Me too!! The lake IS amazing! 

Nikki1156 said...

It was super fun huh babe!