Have you shopped here? I think I've set foot in one maybe 3 times before this weeks festivities! I was invited to join the fun of a Preview Shopping Event for a new Savers opening locally in South Jordan Utah. I was thrilled to be included and to have a new fun shopping experience because I'd never been invited to an event such as this one. 

I recruited my friend Angelee to come with me and we went out to dinner first then went and spent some money! It was so much fun! Not to mention that Savers is such a great company! I learned so much about where they get their clothes, and their Savers Cycle! Let me share some interesting facts about his great company!

*Savers works with your community based nonprofits. This Savers in South Jordan works with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and Friends of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

*Savers buys the donated clothes from those nonprofit alliances and resells the highest-quality items. They also except donations in store.

*Then Savers recycles the unsold items or sends them to developing nations around the globe, which in turns keeps them out of the landfills.

*Over the past 10 years Savers has paid over 140 nonprofit offices $1.5 billion dollars.

*They have saved our landfills of more than 600 million pounds of quality merchandise by recycling. 

I was surprised and seriously had no idea that this was what Savers did. It makes me feel better about spending money there and I might just end up being a thrifter after all.

 I'm calling this my Jackie Kennedy Jacket! It fits perfectly and lets not forget it was less than $10!

 This piece was way too big and if my Angelee would have thought it would have been an easy fast fix  I would have bought it. FYI Angelee has her  Bachelors in Costume Design, she's the best at sewing and possibly will be starting her own sewing blog!

 Find of the Day! I LOVE this dress and in fact am wearing it today! So look forward to an outfit post a little later on with me in it!

Savers also put on a fashion show featuring some of their clothes.

This is the loot we took home (sorry not a good picture)! I found that Coach purse (top right) in great condition and Ang found tons of dresses! 9 great items!

Thanks Savers for opening my eyes to your great company!

10551 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan Utah

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Eliz said...

Wow I have seen 2 Savers not far from the malls I frequent..I had no idea it was a thrift store...I must check it out! Thanks for info!

Vogue-sky said...

it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

Sarah Ward said...

Such a clever idea for Savers to feature a fashion show! I have never personally found anything at Savers, but love thrifting!

Nikki1156 said...

Sarah I totally agree with the fashion show idea, it was an eye opener of what you could find there.

Nikki1156 said...

Anytime Eliz!!

Nikki said...

That's so cool! Love the lace dress!

Angel-fashion said...

dress is so beautiful!! I love the metallic detail of it! Gorgeous!

Nikki said...

Thanks, it was a good find!