*My first test in my Basic ICU class I have to take since I've gotten my new job in the ICU. 
I'm super excited about my new job, but man this class is rough. We sit in this room for 6 hr for 2 days a week for 8 weeks straight going over each system of the body(pulmonary, cardio, GI/GU) Then we have to take tests on them and pass with 80%. I don't think I'm bugged by the tests but more the time it takes up in my week. I find it hard to pay attention for that long. But at least I'm getting paid to sit there instead of me paying.

* Is the day I play volleyball on the new league I joined. I have enjoyed it and it makes Wed way better! I met this girl in school and she plays in a league and she called me to join. So far I've loved playing on an all girl team again. I do have to say though that I'm way way out of shape and haven't played in like a year. Last week was my first game and at least I can still get the ball over the net!

* My 2nd outfit post

I'm wearing my new Bp shoes from Nordstrom. After I took my Rn Boards I went on a little shopping trip to get my mind off what had just happened. For those of you who don't know anything about the NCLEX, when you take the test and you can get anywhere from 75-265 questions based on your response on the last question you just answered. So if you get 75 questions it usually means that you passed, or it could mean that  you failed horribly and they don't want to give you more chances to pass. To make matters even more nerve wrecking you can be picked randomly to take all 265 questions. Then after your questions you don't get your results for a couple of days and you are left to stir and think about your answers. So after my 75 questions I needed alittle retail therapy and bought these and some other Steve Maddens. These are tied with ribbons, I love that feature! My jeans are from UO and at first I was nervous to wear white but now...if they get dirty...oh well, jeans are made to be worn and used, not sit in the closet. This lovely shirt and watch are from the good ol' Walmart and for dirt cheap! I can't remember the amount but if you really are wondering I know I've posted it before. 

There you have it. My 2nd outfit and let me tell you somethin my 2nd picture is Nikki model worthy(I only say this because I am NOT model material and can't do the serious face, but this one looks semi ok, that could be to the fact you can't see the rest of my face! LOL)

Have an amazing wed everyone!