Ok so I'm kinda excited about this awesome project I picked up last week. Every once in a while when I'm bored and don't want to spend money but want to go shopping I make a trip to my local DI.  Now those of you who don't live in Utah probably don't know what a DI is.  It's a place where you can go and drop off your used clothing and household items then they turn around a sell them. I guess its like the Salvation Army place(which i've never been to so I could totally be wrong). 

I went there last week just to browse their furniture and came across this awesome workbench. 

I was immediately drawn to the colors, the simplicity, and the fact that it was all metal. I thought to myself...that piece is really awesome but i'm not sure what I'd do with it...So I walked away from it. As I was walking away from it I saw this other girl standing over it looking at it with deep thought. In my mind I was sad to know that it was going home with her, so I just walked further away and didn't look back.  I went home and couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it would look with a butcher block top on it and used as an island in a kitchen.  So I told my hubby Jeff to call his parents and meet me at the DI with their truck so I can pick it up. Went back and lo and behold it was still there. 

Since then I've cleaned it up took that sticker off and went and bought the butcher block top for it yesterday. I can't wait for it to be done it's going to look simply amazing! I'll post pictures once it is complete with the top and everything. 

  There is a sad part to this story, you see I have absolutely no room in my kitchen for it.  I guess if your interested in this bad boy and live in SLC let me know and maybe we can make an arrangement.