OK I'm going to be completely honest here, I am not a huge fan of skirts! Actually I really despise wearing skirts. That never happened until I got married and started wearing new 'attire' (we'll just leave it at that). I guess I just have a hard time finding skirts that are long enough, that don't stick to my 'attire', and that I don't have to wear fifteen layers underneath. I miss the days where I could just pick a skirt out and not have to worry about the static and any thing sticking out or showing. So I came up some simple(I thought) solutions to this predicament.
           Solution #1
                   Buy every knee length skirt I found that I actually liked.
           Problem with solution #1
                  Ok bad solution! First off you can't find enough knee length skirts let alone them being super cute, so this solution led to a closet full of skirts that I ended up not really liking when it came down to actually wear them.
           Solution #2
                  Just deal with it and wear 4 layers. Layer 1=attire, layer 2=tights, layer 3=slip, and layer 4=actual skirt.
           Problem with solution #2
                  Man that got old and occasionally extremely warm. Oh not to mention I felt like a snowman with so many layers.

             Solution #3
                  Make my own skirt. I never would have thought I could actually do this by myself, so I enlisted my best friend Angelee to help me out. PS Angelee has her bachelors degree in costume design! OK I know it's not rocket science but why not have the best of the best to help me out...right?

             Potential problems with solution #3
                   So far I don't see many potential problems, I mean if I get really good at this task then I should be able to make one really fast. Fabric isn't expensive. I already have my own sewing machine. OH WAIT...I hate elastics! OK that could be a very big potential problem, but I'm going to think very positively and pretend it doesn't exist.

I have 2 great tutorials to help me out with solution #3. This first one comes from the blog Freshly Picked. and the other tutorial comes from What Would a Nerd Wear. They both are pretty much the same pattern since the original one I think came from Freshly Picked, just a slight change with the elastic in the 2nd one. Which is good for me and my elastic issues. 

I will be attempting to make my skirt tonight. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have a Fun Little Outfit post wearing my new skirt.