Hubby and I had a fun little Saturday! We went to dinner with my family and some of my cousins and then went and saw the Ogden city Christmas lights. I had never been to those lights before although my mom said I had when I was younger but I don't remember. For dinner we went to Mcgraths Fish House, that was another first for me that night. I had a freakin way good salad with pasta and salmon on it. Wow let me just say one of the best salads I have ever had, I'm craving it right now as I type this! Jeff had the GF Alder Plank Salmon, it looked pretty good but not as good as mine! I forgot to plug in my camera so it was dead but I'm glad my mom brought hers. Here are some picture from the night.

Jeff and I were laughing bc with his nasty mustache he has decided to grow he looked like that little guy playing the guitar in there.

My mom and I


Family. You can't really tell but I'm wearing like 12 million layers. I'm wearing a thermal shirt, then a sweater over that, then leggings under my jeans, with knee high socks under those, then gloves, beanie, legwarmers tucked in my boots and then my coat. Can i just say you would think i was warm but i was still freezing!! Oh and yes that is my real dad, he's Vietnamese even though with his facial hair which he was talked into growing with Jeff he looks Mexican.

More family added

Hubby and I


nicole ...given said...

i secretly love the nasty mustache haha

Nikki said...

Lol i'm glad someone does! I'm ready to cut it off in his sleep! He laughed and loved your comment by the way!


Lisa said...

Orala hermano! Love the pics. Viva Mexico!