Recently I received these awesome ombre brown to hot pink clip in hair extensions. I was super excited to add a little color to my hair without it being permanent and the up keep of hot pink hair. Believe me it's a pain, I had hot pink streaks in my hair during high school and I had to dye them seriously every other week. 
When they arrived I instantly put them in and whoa man they were so long. So long I had to have my sister in law trim them to match the length my hair is now. Once they were trimmed they are so much fun. Of coarse you can just clip them in and go about your day, but I wanted to showcase them in a different way. 
Here are 3 different up do's to do with brightly colored clip ins hair extensions. My cousin Kenzie was the amazing person who did my hair for me. She has her only blog, go check it out!  
The fishtail

 The messy bun

 The braid and updo

Kind of fun and edgy just how I like it, not to mention for a very very affordable price.  Thanks Uniwigs for the opportunity. 

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Sarah said...

fun! Looks great and like it's really part of your hair. What did it look like just down?

Rare Nonsense said...

Love it! The way you styled them is so cute!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So cool!! These look so great!