There was a little bit of dancing, a little bit of mingling, and a whole lot of fashion! Ok there was a lot of mingling and with some pretty amazing girls. 
The event was amazing. The fashion shows were fun, the swag was great, and the after party aka dinner was delish! Can't go wrong with CPK with a bunch of bloggers! I'm so grateful that I was able to go, and that I got called off from work that night too!!

Love this little socks!

Bummed I didn't get a good full length of this dress, it was gorg!

I just love those stripped pants! 

Jessica, Bridgette, Madison & Lauren, Sarah. Then the far off distance Kyla & Katie 
(Left to Right)
Oh gosh I'm going to attempt at naming everyone but if I miss someone I'm sorry!
1st row: Aubry, Marsa, Rachel, Gentri, Mikell

Brandi, Gentri, Megan, me, Aubry, Abby, & Jet
Thanks Fashion Place Mall for such the great event, I look forward to more in the future!
(Fellow bloggers you can steal my photos if you need, please give credit where credit is due)


Emily Palmer Nelson said...

Looks like it was so fun!! I wish I could have made it! One day I will get to one.

Ana said...

I stole a picture and gave credit back to you! :) This was such a fun event, I just wish I could have talked and gotten to know more of you cute girls. Glad I found your blog though. I'll be following right along.

Love and Such said...

Nikki- you got some of the BEST PICTURES!
I'm going to take the group picture one from you I hope that's okay- Mine didn't turn out!


Sasha Tenorio said...

oh my! my face looks so tense! i came back home that night with my face soar. can this happen!? apparently so! #excessivesmiling