Finally home. The trip home was super fun, especially when you run into a snow storm :( It is good to get back to normal life routines, like coming home to working 3 graves.

There are a few things that were excited to see, we got to pick up the little doggy, Boomer. He was so happy to see us and we were equally excited to see him. Ahh puppy love! The other thing we were excited about seeing was our house and the paint on the walls and trim. It by the way looks amazing! Next step is flooring, man we are rolling right along.

This is my outfit for the day that I have to work that night. Super comfy and low maintenance. Sometimes I find myself trying too hard to be fancy, all the time. Believe it or not, sometimes I feel its harder to dress slouchy and cute than dressing up and professional. Im probably just over thinking it lol.

Well guys have a great day. See you tomorra.