I had the Stella & Dot party at The Bun Basket on Saturday. It was really fun to get the few together that came and just fun to try on more jewelry this week. The jewelry that Stella & Dot offer is such good quality and is so cute I think I tried on every piece that Caroline brought. 

One reason I had it at The Bun Basket instead of my own place was because I really like to support our local companies. This bakery is so yummy! I love their soup, doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls! They also make sandwiches but I just love their homemade soups that I always get them. I just wanted to thank Connie the owner for letting us set up and take a table up for a good couple of hours. If you haven't tried The Bun Basket at 96 s Main Street in Bountiful you better run up here and give it a shot! 

If you weren't able to make it to the party no worries, you can always check out the trunk show here and place an order if you find something you love. 

There are great deals going on right now like these:
1. If you spend $50 there are a select few items that you can get for 50% off
2. If you spend $50 then you automatically get $25 Dot Dollars to spend in January

So with that said go online shopping, buy Christmas gifts for those loved ones you can't find anything for, and buy something for yourself because theres too much cute stuff to pass up not to mention buying jewelry is a great start to the week!

 Isn't my cousins just adorable! 
Have a great Monday!