My blogging world has recently been flipped up side down. It seriously took a complete 180 degree flip for the better. This has nothing to do with sponsors or giveaways because really those things haven't changed or haven't started however you want to think about it, but a few things have changed.
Here are the changes:
I've never really been a massive huge fan of the name of my blog. Sounds stupid right? You would think that if you're going to blog you would pick a name that you love, well obviously I didn't and I've been thinking about changing it lately. I told my sister in law this last night and she made me open my eyes to how perfect my blog name fits me and my lifestyle. So I'm going to be a dork and explain it to you, because it changed how I feel about it. 
So I work full time as a nurse which means 3 twelve hour shifts a week either from 7AM-7PM or working the glorious night shift from 7PM-7AM the next morning. When you work those glorious night shifts you pretty much work 5 days a week instead of 3 because of the recuperation time and preparation time(at least for me).  Then on top of that the on call shifts(one a month) and I'm also on the Code Blue team at work, this too has been slightly time consuming lately. I'd say I've been doing at least a meeting every other week for 2 plus hours and this time is going to increase in the next couple of days. 
So there is my work stuff, then we have this thing called school. Yep I'm still in school to get my Bachelors in Nursing. All this consists of is time consuming assignments, at least 2 days have to be dedicated to hurrying and doing my assignment. I say 2 days because I'm a procrastinator and wait until the due date to do them. There is school. 
So if you can tell my life can get really busy at times because then you add the mix of family obligations and friend obligations in the mix and I think when do I find time to blog. That is where my blog name fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I do it 'On the Fly' 
DING DING DING! It's amazing! Love it! and now I don't need to change it! (which is GREAT because man what a lot of work! lol)
This change hasn't happened quite yet but I'm working on it blog layout to come first of the year or sooner! Yippee I'm sick of the small pictures and bringing in the larger ones!
Recently I've started actually meeting other bloggers and really feeling part of the blogging community out here in Utah. The blogging community is HUGE I never knew there were soo many of us out there. I'm so grateful that these lovely ladies helped me plan the Dessert Social and the bloggers who came! So with that said...who's planning the next event? LOL

Peace out!


Kelsey Eaton said...

I love your blog name and think its perfect!

Aubry Lybbert said...

Lots of exciting things in the works! Anxious to see the new look :)

Nikki said...

Ya I'm excited too!

Danielle said...

Love all your plans:>

beverlopolis said...

Oh gosh, I've felt the same way about my blog title before! Sometimes I still want to change it, but I can never think of anything clever enough! Or the things I come up with sound super cheesy.... haha. Hey, my friend is a nurse, so I think I understand how hectic working graveyard shifts are! Keep going strong! I appreciate you nurses!