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Today I'm going tile shopping. I'm excited and really hoping it's going to be simple in and out type of a thing (but lets not joke here, it's going to be the complete opposite of that). The only thing I'm thinking that might make this process a little easier is the fact that I've searched high and low and found some great examples of what I want my tile to look like. 

Today I also repainted the table...but this time I took out my new sander that I bought last week and made a huge mess in my carport and all over my car, sanded about 5 layers of paint off. This time the color is fantastic, I actually went and bought paint from Ace Hardware instead of using left over paint. I think it will turn out well. Check out my instagram @nikki1156 for pictures.

Well guys have a great weekend, I really don't have much to say today. Oh if anyone is interested in swapping buttons I'm your gal, email me!


Emily said...

good luck with the time shopping! It sounds like a fun project.


Nikki said...

Ya it didn't happen, I couldn't find the places haha