Today I decided to do a little different outfit post. I decided to post some alternative ideas to wearing the tank top in a modest and fashionable way. I know that this has been something I have had a hard time with, such a hard time that I avoided fun tank tops altogether for a very very long time. With that said here it is
Pants-J Brand, Shirt-Target, Tanktop-Old Navy, Shoes-Tory Burch
Below I posted 4 alternatives to the look above, the white t-shirt under the tank top look. 

Cardigan-Nordstrom Belt-F21
Look #1
 The easy go-to cardigan! 
Cardigans are the greatest cover-ups and it also makes it so you aren't wearing that many layers. My closet is FULL of cardigans like this one, couldn't live without them!

Shirt-Walmart Belt-H&M
Look #2 
The Chambray shirt! 
Chambray=A-MAZING! That's all needs to be said about it!

Jacket-Levis, Shirt-Urbanwear
Look #3
 The Jacket
 I mixed it up with this one slightly. Not only did I put  the jacket over the tank top but I also did a button down underneath. It added some spice, not to mention I loved the dots and strips mixing (if you can even tell that the orange shirt has dots on it)

Shirt-Levis, Belt-F21
Look #4
Button-Down Beauty
The button-down underneath anything makes everything look fancier, at least I think so. I chose a white button-down but you can do any color and most patterns. The more the colors and patterns the more fun the outfit!

Well there you have it, hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to make and I even came up with new ideas for my own outfits! Have a great day!

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Beverly said...

I love look number 4 the best :) 

Lbabaian said...

I love everything about this post!

it's great! you have a lovely blog!If you'd like, check out my blog too!Xoxo

Nikki1156 said...

Thanks Beverly!

Nikki1156 said...

Thanks for stopping by! Im on my way to check your blog out right now!

Eliz said...

Great tips! I can do this...I love wearing cute tanks to work...but usually I just use a cardigan..:-)