Birthday gift from the Hubs...aren't they wonderful!!
Wow sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately, it's kinda been a busy week. We flew to Florida to go to my brothers salt ceremony there and it was a very quick weekend trip but super busy. Our flights were kinda horrible, the day we left I was checking in online and found out our plane was leaving and hour earlier than planned, so we rushed to the airport and checked our bags, through security, and to the gate within 30 minutes! AMAZING!! We then had a 5 hour layover in Houston(boo!), but thank goodness for the wonderful Mexican place they have there we ate good food! Made it to Florida then had to drive to our hotel which was an hour and a half away, don't worry we got there around midnight!

PS the bobcat rocks!!
(Any ideas of getting rid of the reflection of the sign??)
Once we were there we had a good time, went and visited a few spots where my brother served his mission and then saw Panama City Beach. Went to the reception. Then drove to Alabama which was 20 minutes away. Then the next day went home. Flight home was horrible too, we had 2 layovers in Houston and Denver but the one from Houston we almost missed. Lets just saw we were happy to get home around 1am and go to bed.

Since then my bathroom has been taken apart, my tub removed, and I'm still living out of my packed bathroom supplies, not to mention my brothers temple wedding is tomorrow and I'm not quite sure of what I'm wearing.

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