Man the past 3 days at work have been pretty good. Had a couple of hiccups but not enough to ruin the awesome patient I had and her family.  Sometimes you get a patient that doesn't appreciate anything you do for them or anything you try for them; you simply can't make them happy. Those patients are frustrating only because you know you've tried all your options and nothing has worked.  But then you get those families that are friendly, understanding, and just enjoyable to be around. Those families remind you of why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place and how much you love your job. I had a family and patient like that the past 3 days and I will never forget them, they made my last 3 days wonderful.

Today I got to hangout with my awesome nephew for a few hours while his mom went on a field trip with his brother! He is so cute, I taught him to say 'beep beep I'm a jeep' and it was so stinkin adorable! Makes me want to have a few of my own.

 Pants-Rock & Republic, Shirt- Forever 21, Belt-Old Navy, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Watch-Michael Kors

Anyways Boomer is going to the vet shortly so I'm just going to finish with my outfit. Here is my outfit today, can I just say that I love my shirt and belt! This shirt was kinda an exchange that was rushed and I really didn't look at it much, just grabbed it and went. I didn't even notice it was a pull-over until I got him and went to put it on lol! Belt is from Old Navy, does anyone else feel like they've stepped up the game? Everything there is awesome!

Ok off to the vet, poor Booms got to go get some shots :(

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Lilly said...

Great casual look! 
Have a great weekend! 

elvi said...

I love your belts...adds a little spark to your outfit..