Hey guys! How is your Thursday doing? Mine is going okay, I tried to find a dress for my cruise but was unsuccessful :( I went to like 5 stores and didn't find one dang thing I liked, it's just such a bummer. I kinda knew that the search would be hard but man there is nothing out there. I want to try and find something that is lacy or has sparkles! I guess I'll keep looking.

This is my outfit today. I mainly wanted to wear the tights, they have little hearts everywhere. I guess I need to wear them on Valentines day! I was kinda worried that it would be too cold for this skirt but it wasn't! I went outdoor shopping and everything and wasn't cold! 

Well everyone have a great night. Talk to you tomorrow!

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Beverly said...

I like the combination of the flanel with that skirt :)

Harley said...

love the tights! 

Emily Coletti said...

Love the tights! That's such a bummer about the dress:(. I hate when I can't find the right piece for an occassion such as that. I swear, I had to go allllll the way to Alabama to find my perfect graduation dress ha aha a.


Liz Nieto said...

Very cute....I just love tights...I just bought ones like that but with little dots instead. :-)