Hey guys I survived my 3 grave shifts in a row and have a couple pictures to show you. I took a few iPhone/mirror pictures of my outfit today. It's really not that exciting but I do love the simplicity and motorcycle shirt I'm wearing! I tried to dress it up with curly hair and red lips. Other than that nice and comfy was the key!

My other picture is of the orange chair I bought from the DI for $10. Do you guys remember it? Well I went to the reupholster guy and picked up some other chairs and saw it. It was 99% done but I beat the girl who was to sew the cushion on. So I'll have to bring it home another day :( it turned out so awesome and I'm so excited that it did. It's going to look amazing in my living room!

Ok I'm off to bed because guess what...I work another grave tonight! The rest of the week is as follows...

Wednesday- sleep and then homework
Thursday- no plans :)
Friday- I work a grave
Saturday- sleep then no plans!

I'll possibly post tomorrow but most of the time after a grave I dont get ready. No point it's always 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Lol, but plan on a post on Thursday with better than iPhone quality pictures. And I'll show you my new kitchen table and chairs!!