My weekend turnout pretty good. Hubby and I went and saw a movie with the folks and my bro and his girlyfriend(who I love and always have to do a double take in pictures because we look so much alike). Then saturday we celebrated a friends birthday by going indoor rock climbing. It rocked!! I want to go back every other weekend. Yes, I said every other weekend, only because I know my muscles couldn't handle it every weekend. Here are some pic of the festivities!

 Ang showin skills

 Hubby bouldering

 Birthday boy!

 Matt the expert!

 Hubby and me


The girls(minus one)

If you haven't gone rock climbing before I strongly suggest you make your way to the closest indoor climbing facility because it a blast and a good workout! Oh and if you every do go the trend was to wear black tight workout pants or capris and a workout tank top(I missed the memo on that one). 

PS today I'm also guess posting over at Lilly's Style so check it out! And if you came from Lilly's Style, thanks for visiting and stay awhile, I'll do an outfit post tomorrow!

Shopping ban day #10 and still goin strong!