Thanks Kimmie Honey at Main Attractions for doing such an amazing job at my hair. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear but sometimes that's how life goes and you accidentally turn the autofocus off and forget to focus it...oh well! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans?? I'm going rock climbing tomorrow woot woot!


Lilly's Style said...

Your hair looks great! It's super shiny and healthy. Love it!
Have a fab weekend!

Adriana said...

You hair looks great, love the side bangs.

Nikki said...

Thanks gals, You are both sweet! I am so excited to have it dark again!!


Annie L said...

Love the side bangs! I'm so jealous of your long hair; trying to grow mine out.

Nikki said...

Annie-Thanks! Growing hair out takes forever! My hairstylist Kim also does extensions so she helped me through that horrible phase! It did seem to help and make the time way less painful!