Celebration dinners with friends are always fun! Celebration dinners to celebrate that we all passed the NCLEX is even better! These are all my nursing school friends(minus one). I'm so proud of all of us and I'm so excited to see us grow and learn as nurses. We had to all push our husbands to the end of the table so we could talk nursing and our new jobs.  We laughed about stupid silly mistakes that are non-threatening to the patients life and nursing situations we have learned on the job! I love these girls and I'm so excited to be taking our journeys together!

Becoming a nurse has always been a life long goal of mine and when I say life long I said I wanted to be a nurse during my Kindergarten graduation! I'm so happy to see that I've checked something off my list and know that I am capable of completing anything. There was times when I felt hopeless about getting into nursing school and searched for other majors, but I kept up with it and 3 years later I finally got to start my journey.  I'm grateful that I stuck with it and can tell my future kids to never give up!

PS our dinner was at a mall and I had to go walk around Anthropology...man good thing everything in that place is slightly pricey, BUT I made it out there with nothing in my hands! Only 10 more day until there are no more rules!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Lilly's Style said...

Can't wait...it will feel SO good once we are done with this ban.