Wow sorry about that drought of posts I just put you through, it kinda going to happen every once in awhile when I work from 0700-1900 3 times a week. Oh the medical field lol!

This is my painting that I did over the weekend, I think it turned out pretty rad. My favorite part of it is that its going to add a bunch of color to my living room.  I'm surprised how straight my lines came out because I didn't use a ruler or anything.  Pretty simple, but I love simple!

I'll place pictures up once I get it up in my living room.

The shopping ban is still continuing with Lilly from Lilly's Style.  Honestly I haven't even had time to set foot in any store other than the grocery store. So that's nice that I've been super busy. I have had a weak moment when I get on the computer because I do a lot of online shopping. This friday is pay day so it will be the real test because I'll have a pocket full of new cash.  Wish me luck!

Shopping ban- Day 5
Have a wonderful day, you'll most likely get a post tomorrow lol


Lilly's Style said...

Good job on the painting!
Yay for making it to day 5, we can totally do this girl :)

Nikki said...


We can totally do this! But I give you permission to buy cool things on your trip! LOL PS what cruise are you going on again, i just found out i'm going on one that leaves from Puerto Rico in Feb.

I'm glad we have each other for support, I have a feeling it's going to be a lot harder next week!


Annie L said...

Wow, shopping ban? I don't think I would make it!
Love your blog, you have great style. Following!

Lilly's Style said...

Define cool? lol
It's Carnival cruise...with stops at St.Thomas, St.Lucia, Barbados, St.Martin and St.Kitts. Two more days..can't wait :)

Nikki said...

Thanks Annie! You should totally join Lilly and me on this shopping ban! It seems to be easier with someone because you don't want to let that other person down. Thanks for the follow!

Lilly 'cool' is anything that you wont be able to purchase at home. We are going on Princess cruise line that also stops at St Thomas, Barbados and a few other stops. You'll have to tell me the good spots when you get back.