A couple of days ago I was reading one of my regular blogs(Lilly's Style) and she had mentioned that she was going to try and not shop the month of October.  Now in my eyes that is pretty much impossible, but then Lilly mentioned that one fall staple would be able to be purchased. So I decided to join her on this journey of learning self discipline.

Now I have a few plans for when the shopping urge becomes really unbearable. Because we all know that it will become that way sometime this month.
     Plan #1 My hubby was going to take some of his old thermals to the DI and I secretly saved them so I can try and turn them into this super comfy-cute cardigan. I'll show you the picture of where I got this idea from. I'm actually really excited to see how well my sewing skills are and if it doesn't work out I was never out any shirt. lol

   Plan #2 I have some old pants I've been meaning to turn into skinny pants. One of the pairs is a wide legged and herringbone tweed pattern. I really love the pant but I just don't see myself wearing that style of pants anymore since all I wear to work is scrubs.

   Plan #3 This one is kinda stretching it but I need to at least 3 options. My closet is over flowing with pieces that are in dire need of some attention. Whether that attention is refinding an old piece that you forgot you had and loved, or revamping a piece that needs some fixing. I think this will open my mind to new ways of wearing that once loved piece and make me realize why I'm participating in this october shopping famine.

I've been wanting to learn more self disciple with my money now that I have a real grown-up job. This gives me a opportunity to do that and to make new friends while doing it. If you would like to join Lilly, myself and a few others in this challenge please let me know with a comment and together we all can give each other words of encouragement. Good luck everyone, today is day #1 and thanks Lilly for the fun challenge!

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Lilly's Style said...

We can do this :) I think it makes it a bit easier having others participate..plus we can update each other with our progress.