We wont finish that song because I think it's absolutely ridiculous. And if you don't know what song I'm talking about you should be happy, because after you listen to it you become dumber(or grammatically correct way of saying that is more dumb...at least I think so)

...Moving on!

Took my first Basic ICU test and...drum roll please....got 29/30! Woot Woot!! All I can say is that I'm glad the first one is over, now I know what to expect for the next ones. Oh and I will never forget that patients with COPD have a really high lung compliance ;)

OK lets analyze this outfit. This is what I wore yesterday. Yes I'm wearing a long sleeve jacket...why you ask? Well although I am super excited for fall but the main purpose of me wearing this long sleeve jacket when it's still mid-80's is because my ICU class is a freakin freezer! I seriously have seen people dress in a turtle-neck, snow pants and a thick jacket during the summer in the building we meet in. I'm not going to go that far, only because I know the moment I walk through my door at home my husband will bust up laughing at me. I think I'll try and keep it classy. My pants...Forever 21, love them. Shirt...TJMax...yes I am was a Maxxinista!

Tell me one thing...Do you think this outfit would have benefited from a necklace today? I couldn't decide and then I ran out of time...

Well until Mon you awesome blog readers! (I know you are out there...even though you aren't leaving comments, or at least I have to tell myself that lol)


Hannah said...

Love the outfit... necklace or not!

Nikki said...

Thanks Hannah! PS your kiddos are sooo cute!