I love this old ad for my friend Kleenex right now!

Well today i was suppose to be in class but because i decided to spike a fever yesterday of 101.3 i thought it was best to not go. Can i just tell you how awesome my hubby is, well he is the awesomist!! lol i know its not a word but it describes him perfectly!

5 reasons Jeff is the awesomist! 
(this is coming from an ill point of view and there are TONS and TONS of reasons Jeff is awesome)

1. Who else tells you to go to bed right when you get home from a long day at work. Then you mention that you need to run to the store for some dayquil, otter pops, and a humidifier. He then jumps out of bed and puts some clothes on and runs to walmart for you.

2. Hubby comes home from school and grabs you the little things you're craving while sick. Examples chips (probably because I'm dehydrated from a fever), cheese, water, and otter pops.

3. Jeff was so sweet last night, he slept in the living room on a mattress we had downstairs so i could get a good nights rest. and I'm sure it was so he didn't get sick too.

4. Hubby did all the chores in the house. He did the dishes, took the garbage's out, and cleaned the bathroom. 

5. Hubby just comes and sits next to me and spends time next to my sick little self.

Well I'm going to take a nap now.

Hubby thanks for everything you do! You're the best and I love you!