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I knew today would be a rough one when I woke up from a dream of checking myself in to my work to see my Dr friend. Last night was horrible, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breath (kind of an important part of life) and I had to wake up and go to work which is really rough when you don't feel too good. And to top it off the wind is blowing so hard today that it's knocking over full garbage cans and making it feel like negative 20 degrees.  So every time I hear a huge bang I get nervous that some tree branch or garbage can hit my car! I love my car and treat it like my child lol.  Another concern of mine with this wind is this huge pine tree that leans more and more with each "East Wind"that is in my neighbors back yard, one of these days that tree is going to just topple over and crush the house it belongs too. Makes me nervous for my neighbor!! Anyway my work is nice enough (and slow enough) for me to come home to sleep a few hrs. Which is what I'm going to do. Nap time!!