I decided to give thrifting another try

I read all these blogs with people who have amazing style and some of their clothes are thrifted so after reading a few today I headed off to my local DI.

After 20 minutes of giving it a shot lets just say that i couldn't be thrifty. I couldn't handle looking through all those racks, couldn't handle how the clothes weren't crisp and new, and couldn't handle knowing that my feet weren't the only feet that had been in the shoes i just tried on. I mean, i know everything i washed and cleaned but feet are gross. Peoples feet sweat and my feet now sharing the same space as those anonymous sweaty feet were not kosher in my mind. I did find a cool blouse but the feel of it just wasn't right.

I don't know maybe all you thrifters can give me some tips like where to go in Salt Lake or online, or do you hem or sew the clothing after you buy it. Tips are always helpful because i would like to feel more comfortable shopping at these places, and i bet my husband would like it too.

As for now and after this shopping event i decided that I'll leave the thrifting to those people who truly enjoy thrifting.