Scrubs-Scrubs Plus, shoes- JMR(Toms), and Jacket- Nordstrom(LAMB)

Ok so i have had a huge lack of outfit posts but there is a good reason why...I've been living in scrubs lately! So unless you want to see the same 6 pairs of scrubs we can start with this first pair. LOL I'm just kidding I'm not going to be posting my scrubs on here, i mean how boring would that be. You can't really accessorize scrubs very well. You can't wear a necklace(gets in the way) can't wear any cute jackets (unless you want someone elses throw up, blood or other bodily fluids on them) i try and keep my cute clothes away from my work ones! Scrubs are boxy, boring and the only thing that will make them exciting is a cute pair of shoes or socks. Hence the fact I'm wearing my black glittery Toms! Well that's today's post, I'm going to take pictures of my cousins today for their Christmas card picture and maybe I'll post a few on here! Wish me luck tomorrow is my LPN procedure pass off! Thanks for being so supportive the few that read my blog!