Did you guys have any Monday blues yesterday? 

I did, I know I shouldn't have them because Christmas is seriously around the corner and I still need to buy the finishing touches, but man alive I could NOT get going yesterday. So I just went with it all day long! It was a good Monday, woke up at 10:15 and had a nice solid sleep. From there watched my show that I watch every morning, then moved onto The View. I got sick of The View so then I got in the shower. Took my good ol' time in there and washed my hair. From there I went straight back to my bed after putting an some articles of clothing. I seriously stayed in bed for another hr and then decided to go blow dry my hair then guess what I did from there?? Yep totally went back to bed! Sat in there with my computer, phone, and great TV shows(not really, day time TV shows aren't wonderful) until 5 pm!! woot woot! Hubby came home and made me get out of bed and help him with dinner. 

So you are probably wondering why I didn't do a post yesterday? Well yes I was lazy but I was fixed at watching funny YouTube videos.  I watched this one like 10 times and was dying of laughter. Now let me clarify it wasn't these peoples situation they were put in that I was laughing at, it was just the brother and the remix they made of him. I had to show it to you guys if you haven't seen it already...enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and hopefully I'll get those small Christmas things done!


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