OK I know today is my {How To} series day which I do intend on showing you my skirts I made last week but I've had an 'AWW' moment this week. 

While I was out with my mother-in-law shopping I bought some clothes for myself. I got home and my husband just pulled the 'Do you realize how many clothing pieces you have bought in the past could of weeks? Half of them you haven't even worn yet..' Well honestly I hadn't noticed how many pieces I'd bought. I know I have a lot of clothes but it didn't really register in my head, I mean I have 4 closets full to be exact! With those 4 closets full I should be able to find an outfit without any problem. So from there I CAME UP WITH MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!

My New Years Resolution will be to not buy more than 1 clothing piece every 2 months, with exception of my birthday and to truly enjoy the clothes I have.

HOLY COW this will be tough, don't get me wrong! I'm hoping that from this experience I will be able to see the clothing I have in a new creative way and also will be able to learn to save money better. I'm actually extremely nervous about this goal. I've never been more serious about a New Year resolution before, it's kind of exciting.

Let me know what your New Years resolution for 2011 is? And tell me why you chose it?