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Aren't these leaves just amazing!! Fall seriously has made me one happy girl this year. Fall is one of my fav seasons, as it is many other people fav too. But my next fav season is on it's way in! Winter!! Yes my next fav season IS winter. Sure I know you are all calling me crazy (my husband does every time I tell him I can't wait for snow) but here are the reasons why I love winter

1. It lets me bundle up, I LOVE jackets and coats!
2. The earth gets dusted with a fresh layer of snow, which is sooo pretty
3. The air is clean (for the first half of winter, the inversion is ugly in Jan/Feb)
4. Indoor fires are so romantic
5. Snowboarding (if I'm not pregnant by then…yes we are still trying :(  

Come on, you can't say that those things aren't amazing! Ok here's hoping for an over abundance of snow this season! (sorry for the over use of exclamation marks haha)
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Kelsey Bang said...

Great photos! Love all the fall Colors and leaves! Super cute outfit! Love those shoes!