I went to this amazing event the other day that was put on by a local company called Salt of the Earth. I love supporting local companies and this one is right in my town of Bountiful. 

This company is awesome, here's why.
1. They are local here in Bountiful (Yes, I know we covered this already)
2. They take salt from the Great Salt Lake and make it into amazing spa products. 
3. The products are A.M.AZING

The party was totally jamming (bring the 90s back) they had super yummy food from Whole Foods, good music, fantastic hand exfoliation and massage stations, and a great sample bar. The exfoliation/massage station was soooo good. I picked the moisturizing add-in and seriously I need that for my eczema…no I'm not even kidding!

Did I mention they had a piƱata full of fantastic prizes. I was too chicken to jump in and let me just tell you, it's crazy when a bunch of bloggers are diving for a bunch of prizes. Straight up mad house!

I wanted to thank Paul and the Salt of the Earth team for the awesome event they put on and all the sponsors of this event. I was serious about contacting them about that moisturizer. If you see something on their website you are dying to try, well you're in luck! I have a 40% off coupon for you to use on their website. The promo code is saltyparty14 . Use it all you want baby! Make sure and go visit their website or book an appointment with one of the spas that carry their product. It will blow your mind! 

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