Ron Carter was an amazing man. I was thinking of what I've learned from this man and realized that he taught me to chase after my dreams and do what I love; do it to the extreme, while still having all the other things in life that society expects you to have (family and career).

My favorite memory of Ron was when he took me up in his airplane. We went flying along the mountain tops doing barrel rolls, flips, and pulling 5G's. He was having a blast and I was in the back have one too until I felt super nauseous(which I think is every pilots ultimate goal when they take people for rides) well after the nausea set in he then taught me how to deal with the G's and we went for a little longer. He let me fly the plane and my pale face was smiling from ear to ear. After we landed I just laid on the ground with a smile on my face staring up at the sky that I had just enjoyed wishing we could have stayed up there longer. Such a good time and a memory I will cherish forever!

Andy and Cam I'm grateful to have met your dad and I'm sorry for your loss.
Andy you put it perfectly, [Ron] was a bad ass!

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Cam Carter said...

You should send a copy of this post to my mom. She would love to see it. -Cam

Naomi Ganzu said...

I lloooovvvveeee the bag!!!!!
Following you :)
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