Pants-Zara similar / Shirt-gift / Jacket-H&M similar / Shoes-Target similar / Bag-Dooney & Bourke / Sunglasses-Raybans

 I'm almost wearing ALL blue! It only made sense that I took pictures in front of a blue brick wall. Duh! Thank you to the company that decided to paint a whole brick wall blue…crazy! Jeff and I were suppose to be in Portland this week and next, but we aren't :( It would have been so much fun. I absolutely love Portland, so much that I'd be willing to move there. Heck nurses make $30 more an hr than they do here, plus living expenses aren't that different…what the crap am I still doing here?! Not to mention VooDoo Donuts are there! Oh dear goodness I love love love donuts! I still need to try this donut truck that's been driving around. If anyone see's it in SLC please IG (@nikkihep) me and tell me where it is! I need to try it, absolute NEED or I won't live!

On a side note, my little pup Boomer has a UTI :( talk about the worst thing ever! I feel bad because we have to put him in the mudroom when we leave and remove the rug just in case. I can't wait until the vet is open on monday so I can get the poor dude some help. So sad :(

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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Love those shoes!

Cindy Quero said...

Sometime's you just feeling blue, feel me?