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New T means happy me, especially when they have anything to do with french. I'm a sucker for anything Parisian! 

But now...
Story time of my picture taking session today!

I'm down the street from my house at this old garage and this little girl is riding her scooter (or as my nephew use to call it, his goo'la) 
Well of coarse she falls over on her scooter
Lays on the ground and cries
I wanted to go over so bad and help her up, brush her off, and get her back on her scoot
But then thought...weird strange lady might make situation worse and scare mom....
So had to just watch her lay on the ground and stare at me with tears running down her cheek
Mom eventually came and helped her up

I had an eye opening thought come to me from this situation and others I've had lately
I'm ready for my own family
Guess it's time to stop practicing and getting down to business.

Wish us luck!

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Cantrelle said...

Good luck :) I know it's a been a few weeks, but I just wanted to say I am in LOVE with the new blog design!

Dearest Lou said...

Love this look! You look amazing (;

Dearest Lou