Ok guys today I wanted to tell you about this amazing salon I visited this past week. Now I'm not your usual girl who goes religiously to get her hair done or even her nails done. I think the last time I got my hair done was probably over 7 weeks ago and work doesn't allow me to have fake nails so me and salons don't visit often. When I went to Dallas Roberts Salon it is a modern clean looking salon with some super friendly people. 

 When I finally arrived (dang traffic) they were super sweet and went and got the amazing Mandy to do my eyelashes. I was kind of worried that I might have to lay with my eye closed for an awkward silent 2 hours or so but nope, that wasn't so. Mandy was so friendly and I felt we really got along and joked around a lot. We talked a lot about each others lives, families, and of coarse how to care for my new extensions. She was such a great source of information on how to make these babies last. At one point during the process someone went and got me a soda and dripped it into my mouth, it was defiantly one of the most memorable silly moments of the visit.

Another thing I thought put Dallas Roberts Salon apart from any other salon was that the owner has their own make up line they use. Along with the line once they do your make up they can take glamour head shots of you for your benefit or the makeup artists portfolio. They have a full photo studio they use and have a professional come in to take your pictures. 

Here is my before picture
 Mandy putting on the extensions
Viola! Amazing!!
That was my experience at Dallas Roberts Salon and now I want you to make your own memories there with the discount code Fashions on the Fly. You can use the discount code on many of the services they offer out there like:
       * Eyelash Extensions
*Cut & Color
*Hair Extensions
*Hair Treatments
*Makeup Artistry
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