NEW SERIES ALERT! I've decided to share some of my other talents here on the blog with a new series. These practical tips can be anything from baking to changing a flat tire. So make sure and check in every tuesday for a new practical tip. 
Last week sometime I posted an IG (@Nikkihep) picture of Jeff & I getting fresh peaches ready to freeze so we could enjoy them this winter time. From that picture I had a request to share the recipe I had. This recipe I have is from my sister-in-law and it is so yummy, so thanks Steph for sharing. 
Things you'll need:
Peaches-obviously lol
Fresh Fruit Produce Protector by Ball
Ziplock Freezer bags
4 cups of fresh peeled peaches cut up how ever you'd like
2 tsp of Fresh Fruit Produce Protector
1/2 cup of Sugar
Here is the process we found to be the easiest. 
If your peaches are soft but not easy to peel I have the solution for you. 
Bring a pan of water to boil
Slice the bottom of your peach like so
Drop peach into the boiling water for 20 sec at the most, then place in bowl with cold ice water. 
If you notice the peach skin peeling back on it's own in the boiling water before the 20 sec is up, you can remove the peach and place in ice cold water. 
Once that process is done the peach skin will literally peel right off.
We used this process the first time and it worked wonders, the second time we peeled peaches the peaches were so ripe that the skin just peeled off on its own.
Peel peaches and place in bowl
 4 cups of peaches into bowl
 2 tsp of Fresh Fruit
 1/2 cup of Sugar (I did 1/4 then mix then the other 1/4)
Label Ziplock bag of when peaches were made, then add peaches.
Place in freezer and BAM, you're done!
Simple recipe for some fresh peaches in the winter time! I can't waiting. 

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